chaos reigns

March 31, 2011

I’ve been saying that a lot recently. (I really should watch ANTICHRIST so I can actually place that quote into context.)

For an update on what’s been on my mind, I encourage you to read this:

And what does that mean for me?

To be honest, I have no idea. The Vampire Quartet (so-named) is still on track for re-release. I cannot get my rights back. I have no money to get the law involved.

So… act in conscience. Buy or do not. And in the future – I will continue writing, and sharing my work, through self-publishing if necessary, and I hope that my readers will continue to be interested.

In the meantime, I has a sad.


2 Responses to “chaos reigns”

  1. Keller Henry Says:

    My name is Keller and I co-host a new public affairs show on KBOO Community Radio 90.7 called The Eavesdrop. We talk about our lives/views as Black people living in the Pacific Northwest and then invite listeners to call in and join the conversation.
    I’d love to have you the show to talk about your writing, especially in a genre that is seen as “white”, and your current publishing issues.

    I came across your books when I was out of work a couple of years ago and my housemate had copies of the first 3 of the Vampire Quartet. I read through them voraciously and found myself captivated by the characters. I’d love to be able to share your work with our listeners.

    If you are interested or would like more information about us or our show, please feel free to contact me at [redacted].

    Keller Henry

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